Survival Game: Jurassic Evolution World

Survival Game: Jurassic Evolution World


You always thought dinosaurs died out? But you'll have to make sure how wrong you are.

There is a secret island far away in the ocean where a group of scientists have done the impossible: they were able to clone the dinosaurs. But something went wrong...

You always thought your life is normal and boring? And now you are on this secret island and don’t know how to get away. But you're pretty sure you have to survive at any costs. So, welcome to our dinosaur super hunter survival game! The survival adventure is beginning now!

See, what we prepared for you in our dinosaur survival hunt game:

🕹 Fascinating gameplay

Such survival new games are better than usual island survival games due to the combination of several game genres: survival life simulator, rpg, survival quest, crafting and base building and strategy. And this mix of survival action games, base building games, craft games, strategy, rpg games and hunting games will present you a lot of fun for long!
The control and rules of survival online games free are as easy as pie and don’t take much time to study.

🗺 Maximum closeness to reality

All in this one of dinosaur survival games is thought out to the last detail: realistic 3d graphics, user-friendly control, smooth animation, clear sound. The dinosaurs are look like real and the variety of species is striking! And the realistic environment will completely immerse you in dinosaur global hunting games world.
The sounds in our dinosaur survival hunter game fully correspond to the nature’s ones and you’ll have a feeling that you’re really on the island.

📃 A heap of crafting recipes

Such survival killing quest games don’t give time for long thoughts and wandering around the island. Don’t waste your time and start to collect resources, the hungry dinosaurs are already following the trail!
Our one of the crafting and surviving games has a special craft system with various crafting recipes. And you’ll need not only to craft items and shelter, but also craft weapons for dinosaur and animal hunting and an armor to protect yourself.

🦖 Danger at every turn

Feel all hardships of hunger, thirst and low health of the island games survival. The night in survival dino adventure games follows the day, you need resources to build a shelter to rest at night and a weapon to hunting in the forest. And be careful, in such survival island dinosaurs games you get damage and lose life.

Danger is everywhere in survival dinosaur island games online. Such survivor island rpg games free online, where is everything could be fatal, are difficult to call easy.

Our one of the survive island games is the realistic survival adventure for those, who are up to the challenge and know how to survive even in the most difficult conditions!