Monsters Hunter: Primal Land

Monsters Hunter: Primal Land


Monster Hunter: Primal land is one of the fps monster games, that takes you to a wilderness, crawling with deadly enemies and filled with the hardship of savage survival.

Our adventure games offer to take part in a new island survival experiment! A wild island in the middle of the ocean full of ferocious mutants and you’re left alone to survive on an island by all means. Look for resources, build a shelter, fight for survival in this world, craft weapons to kill monsters. Use your strategy and crafting skills and try to survive but one day in one of the hardest building games for free.

The best features of our survival games:

  • – various items and weapons: from bows to pipeguns
  • – explore a huge stranded island of our game of survival
  • – build the most secure house
  • – first person srvival game
  • – realistic survival island simulator
  • – deadly monsters and horror atmosphere on a road to your survival

How to survive in our craft games? Here are some rules of island survival:

Look for water and food

Seach the area around you to find some fresh water and edible food. Those are crucial for survival in the forest in the first couple of hours, as without anything to eat and drink, you’re soon going to find yourself starving to death in popular island games. Even a small amount of fresh water will help you survive in the forest, so don’t get carried away.

Craft tools and gather resources

You always start with a little crafting resources in island survival games. Craft some primitive tools like hatchet and pickaxe to use them for gathering more stone and wood, which you’re going to need later for survival in the forest. Collect as much resources as you can, but don’t wander too far away looking for more: the island of survival monster games is swaming with deadly enemies.

Build a safe shelter

Do you hear the howling around you? Those are from the ferocious creatures roaming the island in our horror survival games. This might be a hint for you to think of something to build to survive monsters. Use the blueprint in your inventory to start crafting toolkit and building a house in survival games free on islands and place a foundation on the ground. Add some walls, a couple of stairs and there it is — a fortress that every mutant on the horror survival island will avoid.

Craft weapons

Proper weapons and gear is what you need to be prepared to explore the lost survival island, defend yourself and kill the monsters in popular building games for free. The 3d survival online game offers a wide range of weapon you can craft to survive in a forest for any taste: from primitive crossbows to firearms.

Keep your eyes open

Our survival island game online is full of different nasty monsters, so be always ready to attack. Be careful, while exploring the island, you may come across the monsters in quest games for free without wifi. And if it’s happened, you have only two ways: run or fight! And remember: in fun adventure games to survive in the island, craft weapon as quick as you can.

Fight monsters

The mutants in survival games will be trying to attack you house. Craft the best guns to shoot monsters on sight before the get too close. You might also need solid gear for survival in the woods in case you want to go out and hunt monsters.

Can you survive in the wild? Download Monster Hunter: Primal land and start your island survival adventure!